Number 3 - All Time Quotable Movie Characters

Number 3 - All Time Quotable Movie Characters

3. Austin Powers/Dr Evil/Wayne Campbell/Fat Bastard (Just about any Mike Meyers Movie)

Just about everyone I know has at some point in their lives quoted a Mike Meyers character. This may be because most of my friends are geeks like me or it might be because Austin Powers and Wayne's World are just popular movie series.

I'll let you decide, but make sure you don't take too long.. ok, are you ready now? I've got a 4 o'clock shadow now. Thanks alot.

You all know the lines (I've got a piece of corn stuck up my arse that's bigger than a baby)


Wild Stallions!! Oh no, wait, that was Neo and that Vampire dude.

Uhh.. ok you get the idea. Go Mike Meyers.

There is a fair chance that the next movie is not going to involve Samual L Jackson or anything with Matthew Broderick in it.

Don't hold your breath... you will die.

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